Play a Police Officer and find the Murder of Officer Volkan, the Murder is hide in a Kickboxing Accosiation and your Experience with Martial Arts is good. Fight to the Top position to find the Murder .

They are many small Scenes like Casino,Shoot and Gain ,Tournament,Workplace and many more  Suprises and a K.O. Fighting System with 6 Skills default and 4 available dive into a Indie Fight Adventure and be the best Kickboxer.


-fight against 28 fighter in a K.O. Systeme

-use Skills faster than your Opponent and interrupt the Attack of your Opponent

-switch between different Scenes and gain Money or take Credit but watchout





Low punch =   B / Numpad 2

Jab hooks  =   N / Numpad 3

Roundhouse High = W and Numpad 0 / Arrow up Space

Roundhouse Low  = S and Numpad 0 / Arrow down Space

Chopkick   =  2 Arrow right + Spacebar / 2x D +Numpad 0

Frontpushkick = Spacebar / Numpad 0

Jump Roundhouse  = V  / Numpad 0

Flying Knie  = Arrow up and B / W and Numpad 2

Spinning Backfist = B and N / Numpad 2 and 3

Supermanpunch = Arrow up and V / W and Numpad 1